Bills & Motions

Bills & Motions

1. Urgent need to complete Enterprise Infrastructure and application projects of Galaxy Backbone Nigeria Limited

2. Motion on the need to Digitalize and Automate National Assembly Activities.

3. Motion on the Need to regulate the Spate of modification on Roads and other public infrastructure by telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

4 .Motion on the need to Revitalize the textile industry Nationwide.

5. A Bill for an Act to Upgrade the College of Agriculture, Moor Plantation to Federal University of Technology, Moor Plantation.

6. Motion on the need to enforce the resolution of the House on Central Bank of Nigeria’s Police to impose processing fees and or Charges on Cash Deposit and Withdrawals for Individual and Corporate Accounts in Nigeria.

7. Motion on the need to end the practice of pre-trial parade of suspected criminals by personnel of the Nigeria Police, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Directorate of State Security Services, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Nigeria Customs Service, and the Nigerian Army.

8. Motion on the need to Curb Corruption in Civil Service.

9. A motion of Urgent importance to examine the Ministerial Nominee submitted by the President.

10. Motion on the need for Federal Government To review the procurement process.